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What are the tips for buying an eye massager?

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  The eye massager is carefully designed according to the high and low contours of the eyes and the distribution of different acupoints. It has 26 finger-like massage contacts and is typed with high-efficiency medical rare-earth permanent magnet alloy HunFeB, which can generate magnetic flux. The eye massager is a new type of eye care and eye beautifying instrument that combines modern ophthalmology theories and the principles of TCM aesthetics. It can effectively improve the blood microcirculation of the eyes and make you easily have a pair of beautiful and healthy eyes. The buying skills of eye massager have the following aspects:


  Most high-quality eye massagers have built-in high-frequency magnetic fields. When used, they can perform magnetic field movement on the main acupoints on the face and the capillaries around the eyes. The special magnet emits magnetic lines, which can effectively achieve the effect of acupuncture and make the capillaries inside. Generate micro currents to harmonize qi and blood, clear the meridians and activate collaterals, calm the nerves.

What are the tips for buying an eye massager


  Most of the high-quality eye massagers have intelligent air pressure function, which can achieve the effect of atmospheric pressure massage. The air pressure can be all-round and humanized on the eyes under the control of the microcomputer, and can treat the "simple and bamboo" of the eyes. Massage at more than 20 acupoints such as "Cheng Wei" to strengthen the metabolism of eye cells, quickly relieve eye pressure, fully relieve eye tribal labor, adjust the physiological elasticity of ciliary muscle, restore ciliary muscle contraction ability, and prevent eye axis Length or shrinkage and deformation.


  High-quality eye massagers are equipped with multi-frequency vibration function. Multi-frequency vibration can drive the eyeballs to move at the same frequency evenly and rhythmically, so that the ciliary muscle and the eye area can be effectively exercised, preventing the ciliary muscle from deforming and preventing myopia. Improve eyesight and eliminate eye tribe labor.


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Generally speaking, using the eye massager that has passed the relevant national certification marks will definitely be good for the eyes. When choosing a massager, you must pay special attention. Don't choose those three-no products, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

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