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Qingyuan fights the epidemic to show love

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  The epidemic is ruthless, there is love in the world; prevention and control are tough, and all parties support.

  In order to further combat the new crown pneumonia epidemic and help schools in Xiaoshan District to resume school safely, Feng Huoqing, general manager of Hangzhou Aodi Electric Control Co., Ltd., said: In the current epidemic situation, companies should not forget their original intentions, help solve the practical difficulties faced by schools, and firmly join hands in fighting The faith and determination of the epidemic have added strength to the school's strict prevention and control of the epidemic.


  The company donated 200 temperature guns to the Xiaoshan District Education Bureau on March 20 to escort the school's smooth resumption of classes under the epidemic. The donated materials have been delivered to the Xiaoshan District Education Bureau, and will be dispatched to Xiaoshan District by the Education Bureau. All schools ensure the effective use of materials.

  Since the company was approved to resume work on February 10, with the high sense of social responsibility and the mission of fighting the "epidemic" of the people, the company decided to overcome many difficulties and transform R&D and production of temperature guns. The company was united and went all out. Under the premise of making full use of the company's advanced technology, automated testing equipment and automated production lines, the first batch of forehead temperature gun samples were successfully developed in late February, and they were immediately put into internal testing and verification, officially opening up the emergency production volume The prologue of the warm gun.

  At present, the cyanide source temperature gun has completed the preliminary test and small-batch trial production stage, and is entering the mass production stage in an orderly manner. The later production capacity will reach 20,000 units/day, providing strong material guarantee for epidemic prevention and control.

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